Nokia Lumia 800 review part 2 -mapping, WiFi, Zune and the new Windows Phone 7.8 update

In part 2 of the Lumia 800 overview / review we look at mapping/GPS, WiFi, the Zune portal and finally installation of the juicy new Windows Phone 7.8 upgrad…

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15 Responses to Nokia Lumia 800 review part 2 -mapping, WiFi, Zune and the new Windows Phone 7.8 update

  1. ?????? ??????????? says:

    ??? ?? ?????.

  2. RobertAfrica says:

    Hello just check the comments below, ie go to Zune once you have downloaded it, then Settings – Phone – Update. As the comments also state this is officially available (but check your own network) from January 31st. As for the region, I assume geographical -I am obviously in Western Europe.?

  3. Khail Cruz says:

    what? region do you use ? .. and can you update 7.8 now ??

  4. RobertAfrica says:

    I can’t understand ‘agornament’ -please use proper grammar. The whole point is that when the update is ready for YOUR network it will show in? Update on Zune.

  5. nikolin lazri says:

    I? connected the phone to zun not give me even a agornament

  6. RobertAfrica says:

    Hello Nikolin -as in the posts below, look (within Zune) at Settings – Phone – Update. It will not MENTION 7.8, just point to a Windows update. My video explains as well as? shows this. Thanks.

  7. nikolin lazri says:

    Moon? agornoi my phone linked to zune not find 7.8

  8. Adam030493 says:

    @RobertAfrica? ok thankyou :)

  9. RobertAfrica says:

    Hello again -because of what you wrote I decided to amend the video’s description, as it turns out not all carriers/networks are supplying the upgrade at the same time. Eg T-Mobile in the US will NOT be doing it for the Lumia 710, which I think is a bit mean. Please check? out the two links in the description -thanks.

  10. Adam030493 says:

    @RobertAfrica i have done already but nothing yet ill just have to keep checking for? updates via Zune now and then. Thanks

  11. RobertAfrica says:

    Hello I never received a notification either. I don’t know about your network or SIM (obviously the video says I use Vodafone) -the tip? I got that the update was (officially) available was on a forum which said that it was available for all Windows Phone 7.5 users. Why don’t you just try it -that’s what I did?

  12. Adam030493 says:

    @RobertAfrica ok thanks. but i haven’t had a notification on my phine telling me the update is available :/ my carrier is Vodafone but i have had my phone unlocked and am using a GiffGaff sim card. does tge sim i use make a? difference as to when i shoyld get the update?

  13. RobertAfrica says:

    Hello Will -7.10 appears to be the OS version, as opposed to the actual software (Windows Phone 7.8) as mentioned in Settings – About. As in the post? above, check the availability in Zune. The good? thing is it doesn’t appear to be network-dependent.

  14. RobertAfrica says:

    Hello thanks for your feedback -the update is available now;? just log on to Zune (assuming you have it? installed) then go to Settings – Phone – Update. The update was launched just a few days ago, January 31.

  15. WILL BURTON says:

    good video but why is it wen i check for updates it doesent let mee it says ur phones up to date 7.10 ????? ive got lumia 800

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