NEW Jailbreak 5.1, 5.1.1 iPhone 4,3Gs,iPod Touch 4,3 & iPad

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24 Responses to NEW Jailbreak 5.1, 5.1.1 iPhone 4,3Gs,iPod Touch 4,3 & iPad

  1. Luka Boricic says:

    @iCrackUriDevice you are an asshole?

  2. 206106HQ says:

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  3. tomtheninja1 says:


  4. Avizeh Ahmed says:

    i tried doing it? but redsn0w keeps on unexpectedly closes

  5. DailyTechStuff says:

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  6. abadyjouharji says:

    Thaaaanks alot? Bro

  7. michael garcia says:

    ive jailbroken my ipod before but it says it cant find my idevice? or something like that how do i fix that???

  8. gabriel peralta says:

    Can you just like do the second thing you did first. Please? tell me

  9. J Puno says:

    J Puno 1 second ago


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    3. Enjoy

  10. Nita Mccane says:

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  11. vINF3RNO says:

    Cesar help? me, i onlt want to jailbreak so i can unlock my phone plzz help

  12. Cesar Vala says:

    For those people that didn’t work,you guys are really dumb. This is so easy,thanks you gain one? more subscriber.

  13. ahoj ahoj says:


  14. ollie91297 says:

    is it a good idea to jailbreak like does it work good and does it make the phone slow, or does it make the phone better? i had a iPhone 3g and i jail broke that and it was awesome but it turned really slow so i was thinking weather or not to jailbreak my iPhone 4. i don’t want it to? break? because i just got it but if some one could give me some advice i would really appreciate it!

  15. corey freeman says:

    whats? the website called?

  16. kukydevil says:

    if I have iOs 4.1 and I? want to upgrade to let’s say 5.1 I have to update which will lock it and then jailbreak it again right?there’s no way to update without locking it?

  17. kirillzi64 says:

    ?? ??? ?? ?????…

  18. dylan prinz says:

    u got urself? a subscriber

  19. dylan prinz says:

    omfg it didnt let me charge? on the computer no more then i raged but my computer died and i recharged it and it works :D THX

  20. egrwegrwr says:

    u know i remove my cydia
    how can i get? back

  21. CrazedMIXD EliMeNtS says:

    I Pod Touch? ICU HELP PLEASE!! i want an 5G HELP PLZZ

  22. Makito RO says:

    Free iPad mini Contest you are cool?

  23. Ryu Suzuki says:

    Very helpful videos? :)??????!

  24. caleotay says:

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