NEW iPod Touch 5th Gen Unboxing + Turn On

JUST RELEASED OCT 2012: IN HAND – NEW iPod Touch 5g 5 Unboxing + Turn On.

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25 Responses to NEW iPod Touch 5th Gen Unboxing + Turn On

  1. kieran robbins says:

    cool man i have got? a iphone 5 and a ipod touch 5g

  2. Akash Beharry says:

    Cool? vid

  3. TransgenderedBoy says:

    my brand new ipod touch 5 wont even turn on. ive charged it for 3 hours and tried holding home and power buttons, but nothing.? tips?

  4. Juan Carlos Marcos says:

    Whats up with? youtube changing names???

  5. Ichigo Kurosaki says:

    Your Phone Number, for more? details, Ask somebody who lives in your house that knows the most about Internet and Wifi.

  6. Brhan Ahmed says:

    What is the Internet? password

  7. Ciani Watson says:

    I’m getting one for Christmas?

  8. Axhel Ramon says:

    OMG? I got my iPod touch today. im so happy, finally I get to enjoy the new iPod tough 5g.

  9. Sara Solorzano says:

    *where to?

  10. Sara Solorzano says:

    Does? anyone know whereto find a video on how to delete all data on the iPod Touch?

  11. Juan Carlos Marcos says:

    I wish? that the iphone 5 was as slim as the ipod touch 5g

  12. Amanda Ice says:


  13. rahat ali says:

    Is the ipod touch 5th generation? good or bad

  14. The_BadApple says:

    *clicks on show comment* NOOOO, comment no? longer exist :(

  15. Bhaskar Pal says:

    can? i install 3rd party apps and games freely in it???

  16. Masrur Chowdhury says:


  17. yara ahmed says:

    fuck this bitch? ass niga

  18. jasmiebcb says:

    32 or 64 gigs ??

  19. mrredcoss says:


  20. Erik Nelson says:

    Hmm maybe children that can not afford the cost of? a contract or someone who is looking for a simlar divece without the phone funcinality and the contract

  21. Christian Sternquist says:

    monthly cost?

  22. Elxan Demirciyev says:

    are your qiji?????:)

  23. BballGalForevz says:

    cus ipods are? better >:D

  24. Lukas Rysavy says:

    @loljk360waver ipad? 5

  25. Sebastian9P says:

    You kind of did it? wrong. When you separate the ipod from the plastic you are supposed to take off the sticker from the ipods screen and then it will come right off.

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