My World of Warcraft Characters 5th March 2013

Can this video get 50 LIKES :D? I am back with another character update video, and what you can expect to see is not a huge update on my warrior or my warloc…

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25 Responses to My World of Warcraft Characters 5th March 2013

  1. michael morash says:

    Thats alot of warlocks

  2. Ronald FlobJobbin says:

    Wow you’re right, you don’t have one. Nice observation.

  3. ToloDK says:

    I am indeed a 1550 rated player, and yeah I actually think I got that in
    Cataclysm, but then again I never cared about arena PvP. I however enjoy
    alot of the other aspects that WoW has to offer, such as raiding,
    battlegrounds, achievement hunting, leveling alts, or just “bullshitting”
    around with my IRL friends, guild mates, or those who I consider to be my
    online friends, while having a fun time playing the game that I enjoy :)

  4. Amin Deadperson says:

    he has played for like 7 years soo…. nah.. with even a level a day he
    would of had a lot of lvl 90’s

  5. Novalan Vijayakumar says:

    @mvhpppd for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there ALSO! im loving
    this game even more beware you might get addicted ==> y.ahoo.it46ERK

  6. ??? ????? says:

    Congratulations Dude, you’re purebred nerd, it’s even by your voice was
    understandable =)

  7. Chandon Figg says:

    sylvanas niiiceee

  8. 3tigercarl says:


  9. Frederik Pytlick says:

    how did you move em free from server to server ????

  10. Zyrexism says:

    What class?

  11. CrazedSpartania says:

    WoW looks like shit. Lol.

  12. Joey Richesson says:

    dude.. why do you make so many girls.. you a guy! I dont understand that
    about guys that play WoW..

  13. 3tigercarl says:

    My highest is lvl 90…

  14. Morto Matrix says:

    Have my like.

  15. 512xx1 says:

    Dude why do I love you voice so much :D

  16. NerophoiX says:

    dude how do u get to move ur char’s to other servers for free?

  17. Oliver Bauer says:

    How u can creat a lvl 85 carackter ?

  18. Megan S says:

    Every1 is so ahead of me! My highest is lvl 63 :/

  19. MrVeqetable says:

    what is the point of having like 10 warlocks?

  20. Nick Van den bogaert says:

    I will buy too ofcourse, awesome account m8!! Awesome video and so muchhhh
    achievements and nice other things

  21. LeeWOW says:

    Nice characters:)

  22. linus danielsson says:

    I like your voice it is cool ^^

  23. Jose Huerta says:

    How do you move them for free across realms?

  24. Jacob Poole says:

    Nice video, but you need to script what you say, some of the stuff you say
    is uninteresting and boring to anyone it doesn’t affect – “i played here,
    there blah blah” just a friendly pointer.

  25. zane summers says:


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