iPod Touch 5th Generation Review!!!!

Panda reviews the new generation of Apple's iPod touch 5th gen multimedia player and more. It runs on a dual core Apple A5 CPU with a dual core GPU and it's …

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24 Responses to iPod Touch 5th Generation Review!!!!

  1. Mikey Martinez says:

    There’s alot who think iPod? 4g is better its no I have both iPod touch 5g is much much better

  2. Victor Gadomskiy says:

    ipod touch 4 has airplane mode to and it does? have multitasking to

  3. PandaCanEatYourLimbs says:

    sure do! I’m actually a customer service manager at that. and? I’m18 years old so go figure! :)

  4. Callie K says:

    Oops! Should have finished the vid. Before I said that? :)

  5. Callie K says:

    There are different adapters you? can use where it converts your lightning adaptor into a 30 pin adaptor. Just look up Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

  6. Redismyfr1end says:

    15:02,? PINKY!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hundredthxweathered says:

    Hahaha you work at? walmart

  8. MrMystri says:

    Good review apart from when? you said if u have the iPod 4th generation there is no point in upgrading to this, and then then you mentioned all the differences between the two, LOL. Well all those differences are the reason to upgrade….no?

  9. AppleAdvisor says:

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    Olly from AppleAdvisor

  10. Deion Crews says:

    i got mine yesterday black? and slate to lol

  11. Feeliks Kilpi says:

    Siri is one of my favourite? features

  12. Feeliks Kilpi says:

    I just bought the blue 32gb one.? It’s amazing!

  13. Jerry taylor says:

    Bull shit it’s better I’m typing on? the 4th and its crap

  14. JayAyy2 says:

    lol? sorry

  15. breeze hinson says:

    i didnt know dude damn calm you’re tits?

  16. JayAyy2 says:

    stupidest fucking question i’ve ever? heard

  17. IReview Stuff Just For U says:

    The 4th gen has airplane? mode to fool

  18. PandaCanEatYourLimbs says:

    Yes. I again apologize for not stating that in the video. I guess I got carried away? with everything else this little guy has in store for you out of the box.

  19. Duggie Hernandez says:

    I getting one on saturday, between the blue? one or the yellow one that looks like gold sometimes, cant wait to try siri out

  20. XxDboySswaggs says:

    Siri is the same as the 4s and iPhone 5 it? talks and plays the same and they’re are many videos that give a demonstration on this device with Siri so chill out

  21. Jacob Gammon says:

    why? did u not mention siri?

  22. breeze hinson says:

    Does? it have Siri?

  23. NarutoUnlimited999 says:

    Like if you’re getting yours? soon too :)

  24. bbw chick says:


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