iPod Touch 5th Gen vs 1st Gen

Lets see the impact 5 years has had on apple's ipod touch. iPod Touch 5G vs 1G.

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25 Responses to iPod Touch 5th Gen vs 1st Gen

  1. calley987 says:

    Watching this on my blue 5th gen it looks? great!

  2. k AYICHE says:

    please, where can? i get a cheaper one! or free! please help me

  3. KooliSkey says:

    he can’t tell you if he tells you his parents will get? mad he’s telling people his age

  4. ?????? ?????????? says:

    Do you know what the focus??

  5. SplendaChan says:

    geesh..someone? has problems…

  6. Jennifer Nguyen says:

    Green? ftw!!!!

  7. Arhant Srivastava says:

    ya? the one that isnt real

  8. SplendaChan says:

    Watching this on my pink I? touch!!!

  9. bguiby bhyui says:

    3:26 He says “Pencils” instead of pixels xD!!!?

  10. Randall Weise says:

    You have to go change the system time to the current time so? the app store will work on the 1G

  11. wu ryan says:

    honest, I can’t figure how speed? difference between these two generation.

  12. wu ryan says:

    nice compare vid!?

  13. Seth Lawrence says:

    What? I’m so confused. Were you replying to my comment? I guess it doesn’t really matter. I was just mad i guess cuz I was so bored and I had so? much homework. I hate homework. That’s why I watched this in the first place, cuz i was bored. But still I guess it’s kind of obvious which one is better.

  14. MegaMzryo says:

    i love how both the first and fifth gen ipods? have the beveled edges on the front of the device.

  15. Ahdjdkdl says:

    @strawberrychewitgum, you can actually get? an iphone 5 for Free, simply try to google for something like: AzzingleGiveaways

    My 18 years brother just received one this morning, couldn’t beleive my eyes! it’s limited promotion I think

  16. Brock Bowen says:

    Almost like comparing an ipod? touch 5g to a basic touch mp3 player

  17. colorfastcrib3 says:

    my? gf has the first one i did alot of work on it its faster than the ipod 5

  18. cody harris says:

    cool ipod5 is the? best

  19. Andrew Hahn says:

    nice serial number lol?

  20. Andrew Hahn says:

    Youre correct.? It has the A6 cpu

  21. Andrew Hahn says:

    The? black bar on the ipod touch 5G is the bluetooth 4.0 antenna not wifi

  22. Jose Rosales says:

    iphone 5 dont have a A5? cpu

  23. nakkymakky16 says:

    September 14, 2007 was when the first ipod came out and that was 6 years ago.?

  24. NotSoMuchMax says:


  25. Roman Berenguer says:

    I love 1st gen, 5 gen sucks for me? :)

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