How To Turn Your ipod touch 4g into an iphone!!

UNBOXING VIDEO OF APPLE PEEL 520 II COMING SOON***** you will need -an ipod touch 4g ios 5 (jailbroken) -an apple peel 520 ii case (you can buy one off …

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25 Responses to How To Turn Your ipod touch 4g into an iphone!!

  1. alexisa240 says:

    change it? with makeitmine

  2. Sabinne Romo says:

    Just buy an iPhone?

  3. Maira Lyn Galias says:

    do? we have this now in the philippines??

  4. Maira Lyn Galias says:

    wala? pa rin po ba to @sul muradi????

  5. Tias Pattijn says:

    were you buy? that case

  6. XxBuddy93xX says:


  7. Cole Sanders says:

    This? is crap

  8. estroyer9 says:

    If you have Cydia get Sbsettings and go to the bottom where it says system options (or something) and then it says custom carriers and change it to Iphone? or At&t or whatever you want

  9. kierra2204 says:

    Where do u? get the case

  10. chiyoko vopnford says:

    what about in? the top left corner where it says IPOD?!?!?!?!?!?

  11. james mcconnell says:

    do u have to pay? for service

  12. braddy stark says:

    Its Actually Pretty Cool?

  13. arulan pinnock says:

    Sulaihmon’s iPhone?

  14. OGPecas says:

    yea straight talk? is pretty legit I have it for my iPhone 5

  15. Wizzlewaz123 says:

    any person with a brain can tell its an? ipod…..

  16. Nate Nate Duell says:

    Very cool really? liked your video

  17. robloxin peeps says:


  18. ?? ? says:

    Do you HAVE to have that? damn case?

  19. Clinton W Salvato says:

    I have a friend who had AT&T for years,? and she finally got tired of it and canceled her contract. She has a genuine AT&T iphone 4s, and was able to buy a sim card that works on straight talk which is a non contract service and she uses her iphone with straight talk now. she seems pretty happy with it.

  20. CookieMonster30401 says:

    Oh? , I no now Ya might as well just get an iPhone. It is about £55

  21. CookieMonster30401 says:

    Where do ya get the case from and what? it called?

  22. WAHTTHEDIEW says:

    lol broke? bitches

  23. Z Stone says:

    To all the dumb shits who keep posting ‘just go buy an iPhone’ – how about if you want to buy one without a contract, huh? You can’t. You’d have to pay big moolah for the full retail price? – which is not worth it. I wanted to buy an iPhone for my sweetheart in Algeria, but the cost is ridiculous without a contract. This is a cool option.

  24. Z Stone says:

    They’re not, if you want to get yourself locked into a 2yr contract. But if you do it? this way, you can go with a month to month. Duh. But…how much does all of this cost, anyway?

  25. Luis Gallardo says:

    I got your answear hosre power you have to jail brake your ipod? touch and you can find that case in

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