How to Replace Microsoft Zune Battery – Easy Install You may notice your Microsoft Zune's battery over time has lost its charge. This video shows how quickly and easy it is to ta…

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25 Responses to How to Replace Microsoft Zune Battery – Easy Install

  1. RepairsUniverse says:

    We have the exact battery for your device on our? site. Chat with us for better assistance.

  2. blackbirdnum9 says:

    on yer website, the batter for zune? flash is actually for the smaller 4, 8 and 16GB zunes right?

  3. RepairsUniverse says:

    Does the dock port feel loose? Have the screws been fully tightened on the bottom of the devices??

  4. DFrnkln06 says:

    I just replaced the battery in my Zune using this method but now Im? having problems with it charging. The old battery would charge but it didnt hold it and it died. Now when I connect the cable to charge it the charge port doesnt work I want to say

  5. Jesus Morales says:

    can you show me? a video on how to replace the actual charging port?

  6. RepairsUniverse says:

    Hmmm,. difficult to say what exactly fried. Will the computer recognize it at all? Its possible? motherboard, dock port, or battery damage.

  7. sinnersinc91 says:

    i accidentally placed my charger end that goes into the zune, into water, i then plugged it in not knowing i did that, and? now my zune is not turning on, did i fry the battery?

  8. RepairsUniverse says:

    Just a small phillips. We? have the replacement parts and tools at RepairsUniverse (dot) com

  9. PGCounty504 says:

    What kind? of screwdrivers do you need?

  10. USMCxMETEO says:

    There aren’t any screws on? mine :/

  11. RepairsUniverse says:

    That is a safe? open pry tool available from RepairsUniverse (dot) com.

  12. Al Tipster says:

    What is the name of the green plastic tool you? used to pry open the Zune?

  13. RepairsUniverse says:

    Great. Glad your repair went? well!

  14. Alberttheman999 says:

    Worked like a? charm for me.

  15. brady haugo says:

    BATTERY, BATTERY, not BAT ER E, crist all mighty, damn blooks?

  16. xionnokia says:

    can you put an? old 120gb xune hhd into a new zune 80gb player

  17. RepairsUniverse says:

    You can? find them at RepairsUniverse (dot) com in the Zune replacement parts section.

  18. lunarman07 says:

    where did u get the battery and wat is its number or Id, i cant find it anywhere, gimme a site or store or watever cuz i need? one

  19. RepairsUniverse says:

    Yes, the 80GB requires some simply soldering. You will not loose you music etc. This is all stored on? the hard drive.

  20. mightyme87 says:

    I think I have a 2nd generation 80gb, and I have been told that I will need a soldering iron to replace my battery. Is this true? Also, will I loose all of my music if I replace the battery.? Thanks for the sight it is very helpful. :)

  21. Gonzys1 says:

    Muy bueno , solo? si se pudiera apreciar desde una mirada de arriba en el momento de extraer la bateria seria estupendo. Mil gracias.

  22. Tony Ramirez says:

    My zune Got water inside of it and i took it apart and dried as much as i could and let it dry over night too, so when i put it back together, still didnt work i think the water might have got into the battery so when i plugged it in the next day it started to click (Zune). Any ideas on how i might be able to fix it? if it did get into the battery can i get the battery from? my 80 gb and put it into the 30gb?

  23. peeweejaida says:

    i need to know how to replace the battery? for the 120gb, how do i do that?

  24. RepairsUniverse says:

    Great. Glad we could? help.

  25. kitlerc says:

    Got by replacement 30Gb Zune battery from you guys back in December. I didn’t replace my original Zune battery until just now. Much to? my surprise, the zune immediately had power, from a battery that has been sitting in a warehouse for god knows how long, and in my room for 6 months. Thanks guys! This vid helped a lot as well!

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