How to get wifi anywhere on IPod touch and iPhone

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25 Responses to How to get wifi anywhere on IPod touch and iPhone

  1. Leo Quintero says:

    The title says “get wifi anywhere? on IPod touch”
    WTF! t-.-t

  2. Alex Ascencio says:

    Red snow is longer and the evAsion jailbreak works for the people who don’t want to? go through all the steps

  3. Alex Ascencio says:

    Well yeah it doesn’t work for the evasion jailbreak?

  4. YoungSwagDa23rd says:

    no your not you can use red snow and set your? psn to 6.0 and it worked for me

  5. darkpegasus3043 says:

    Thx? dood

  6. Alex Ascencio says:

    If u want to jailbreak do not upgrade your ipod? to iOS 6.1.3 because then your screwed

  7. Talmage Gibby says:

    I? agree w/ Wayne raab, you need 3G for it and iPods do not have 3G. :(

  8. Myster1335 says:

    Tell? me how to jailbreak!!!

  9. Neel Amin says:

    didnt work help!

  10. Mewtwo pee says:

    Dont work on my? ipod 4g

  11. wayne raab says:

    It does not work on iPod? only iPhone

  12. 0iboyTV0 says:

    Haven’t you heard if install on iPod throw your iPod into a bucket of water leave it there for 1-2 weeks and your iPod? has grown an antenna

  13. 0iboyTV0 says:

    True xfortherepublic?

  14. xForTheRepublic says:

    Of course this won’t work retards. Let me explain something your little brains couldn’t understand:

    1. The iPod touch does not have a 3G antenna, therefore cannot pick up 3G signals. This is? a hardware thing (physical), not software. You can’t download an antenna, Einsteins.
    2. You can’t get 3G/Wifi everywhere. What, is this app going to make it magically appear where it’s not available?

    3. Even if that iPod you begged your mommy to get you could pick up 3G, you would have no access.

  15. xForTheRepublic says:

    This is what happens when kids get cameras – they make idiotic? videos. What the hell does this have to do with Wifi?

    Your voice also sounds retarded.

  16. TheKingelmobap says:

    does it come with free virus??

  17. sumiman28 says:

    Stop? being dicks guys

  18. sumiman28 says:

    What is wrong? with being you arse

  19. creepersdontcreep says:

    help it says size mismatch when? i tried to install it

  20. kongregateguy123 says:

    Anyone making fun of his voice: shut up. ? He sounds perfectly fine, and if you guys took a video of your voice right now, 90% of you would sound like 2 year old girls.

  21. lizz4281 says:

    Shut the fuck up gay?

  22. damnfastdood says:

    I’m not sure? this is real. :D

  23. TheCaptainjellybaby says:

    Fake and gay?

  24. Justin Torres says:


  25. Justin Torres says:

    You sound like? a little pussy

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