How do i transfer my things from iPod classic to iPod touch 4g?

I already have had the classic for a while and i got a iPod 4G but i can't transfer all of my music to the ipod touch. ive tried to copy the folders from the classic onto itunes/ computer but i cant.

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4 Responses to How do i transfer my things from iPod classic to iPod touch 4g?

  1. Logan says:

    what you need to do is sync you classic with itunes.

    then connect your ipod 4G

    sync you ipod with the files you want.

    that should do it

  2. Nicole S. says:

    I had the same thing as you and all you need to do is plug your ipod 4G into the same computer you used for your classic and then try and sync it when it pops up under itunes and then it will mention it is a different ipod and ask if you would like to transfer what you purchased, say yes then fill in your account password and it should start syncing.(p.s. sometimes just after pulling up itunes and having it plugged it will ask you) I hope I helped.

  3. dylan kinchen says:

    sync the music off the ipod classic to your computer on itunes, then plug in the ipod touch, and sync the music to the ipod touch.

  4. Genevieve Brant says:

    If the songs are puchased from iTunes. you can easily transfer them to iTunes or computer by clicking “Transfer purchase”. If your stuff are downloaded from other website. you can transfer them to computer with iPod transfer. like this imedia transfer, you can download it from including windows and mac version. Get all of your iPod songs to your computer or iTunes manually. Good luck.

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