How An MP3 Player Works

A look at the inside of an MP3 player.

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24 Responses to How An MP3 Player Works

  1. 1LilAce1 says:


  2. edgarpading69 says:


  3. RyanB3112 says:

    She? has SWAG..

  4. 110puhrcent says:

    This is going to? help so much with my mp3 presentation I have to give. Thanks!

  5. Gamelengnds says:

    there’s an? error. the extra baterry don’t power the memory.

  6. noisedownloader says:

    Audiophiles of the world…! Let’s raise in a War to make the? vinil record to come back.. the analogue sound is warmer than any mp3 acc itune ogg compression. In return we would make the music industry to generate new jobs…!

  7. Hisbluesweatshirt says:

    I used to have that exact mp3!! It was awesome and sustained lots of “oops I dropped my mp3….again”. But I like my? iPod better :)

  8. ijustlovemusic1313 says:

    I watched? this on my iPhone with headphones :)

  9. Richard Spriggs says:

    I think you got your emotional and physical responses confused with taking a shit,? of the verbal diarrhea kind.

  10. onekeypianoplayer says:

    mp3 is bad for? me and everyone else in the whole world.
    because it disconnects the physical and emotional concepts from eachother.
    a person gets an emotional experience which generates a physical responce, and a physical response generates an emotional response,if you listen to a concert you need emotional responce, if you walk in a park you need physical responce, mp3 , does away with this , so the 2 get tangled up and cause conflicting responses which cause total breakdown in signal decoding ?

  11. LegendaryWaterBottle says:

    Watching? it on iPad. It’s brilliant!

  12. weinerschnitzelboy says:

    Are you serious.? That’s not an old iPod. That’s a Sansa made by SanDisk.

  13. Revenger593 says:

    Lol thats an old ipod.Rhe irony is that im warchin this from my? itouch

  14. coondogtheman1234 says:

    haha funny that i’m watching this now? b/c theres a dismantled mp3 player on my computer table.

  15. coondogtheman1234 says:

    Has to be discovery? channel UK or something b/c I dont see this here in the US.

  16. Gary Soto says:

    It’s? discovery channel lol

  17. ProjectEndgame says:

    @AbsaEsp for light they are. It’s got something to do with the? fact that when you work with light, your base is clear rather than white. Don’t quote me on that though.

  18. coondogtheman1234 says:

    what’s the name of this show and can it be seen? on TV in the us?

  19. PyroDesu says:

    I’m watching this on my iPod? touch.. High technology, in the palm of your hand, simply brilliant.

  20. TheBringerOfBacon says:

    I want this comment? in the Highest Rated Comments, so please, vote me up!

  21. MrGameAndWatch00000 says:

    Uhh? actually it is

  22. Kaeleymel says:

    Green is a primary colour of? light.

  23. azntranc3951 says:

    Awesome? !

    More videos please =D

  24. Muscleduck says:

    Green + blue if? I’m correct.

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