Higher than Ultra Graphics for World of Warcraft

UPDATE: For a demonstration of fog on very-wide screen setups you can check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glg1We2uOw4 Comments about these two i…

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25 Responses to Higher than Ultra Graphics for World of Warcraft

  1. EDEmylove says:

    Your profile picture compliments? your comment xD

  2. Ebiiiw says:

    you said hes a hacker? retarded fuckface

  3. wowmusic93 says:

    He? is clearly not hacking why get so mad?

  4. VanokHunter says:

    What do you mean about running high resolution? I’m kind? of a noob about resolution

  5. whitehat47 says:

    Thank u? :D

  6. Johannes VoRe says:

    your picture fits so? well mate :D

  7. Sarah Schweinsteiger says:

    Try? this: tinyurl(dot)com/chro4fs
    “1 to 85 in 4 days”

  8. whitehat47 says:

    Guys a good World of Warcraft Speed Leveling Guide? pls?

  9. Lm3ntz says:

    lol? iMac with those specs is like 3000-4000 EUR?

  10. Night Falls says:

    lol nederlands he? ja bedankt voor de feedback! kga binne een paar maand nen nieuwe laptop kope en dan wil ik ni te veel lag zoals bij deze die ik nu? gebruik

  11. Florian Schut says:

    i use a iMac 27-inch, late 2012 running Mac os X 10.8.3f
    Processor 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7
    Geheugen 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    Videokaart NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB
    4×8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 ram
    little pricy but ultra runs perfectly? smoothly :)

  12. Night Falls says:

    thx man just need? to be sure when i buy another laptop for a nice amount of money…

  13. Peter Jenkins says:

    This looks sexy?

  14. Pierre Rouyer says:

    It’s like a whole new game? !!!

  15. Teijukingz says:

    “Pretty reasonable hardware for Warcraft”, your rig is “pretty” reasonable for any game there is on pretty much maxed out 1080p.?

  16. MI MA says:

    no you dont need? more then 4GB ram, wow drains more CPU/GPU Power

  17. touchymcfeel says:

    Buy any intel X? or K processor (i5-3570k, i7-3970x, etc), at least 8GB RAM, and any video card that costs at least $250. You’ll get nearly identical performance unless you want to run a very high resolution like (5760×1080 or 4k).

  18. Night Falls says:

    anyone call tell me what kind? of pc u need to play WoW on ultra and still smoothly?
    tell me how much GB u need to have and processors, graphic memory/card or what ever it is
    thx if anyone would repley to this comment lol maybe not an easy qeustion

  19. Stephen Mears says:

    hmm tis is bull it dnt even work for me. i have tiped? the same this he put and nothing the spell are the same as befor

  20. Tyler McAlister says:

    Does anyone here play lots (not a necessity) of MMO’s? I need someone to play them with… I’m getting a few terabytes of space to put even more shit on. I have about 300-400 gb worth of? MMO’s e.g. LOTRO, DDO+Neverwinter, Aion, TERA, Allods, Forsaken World, Molten-WoW, Age of Wushu, Everquest 1&2, Runes Magic, Champioms of Regnum, Dragon Nest, Ryzom, and more. Please I’m so bored lol anyone…

  21. touchymcfeel says:

    “it depends”. If you go fight Sapphiron in Naxx or Genie-councile in Conclaive of Wind then you’ll notice the blizzard effects are more noticable. The same is true of any spell effect made up of “copies” of a simple animation (like arrows? on Spirit Kings or the shockwave on Warmaster Blackhorn).

    Some spells only have 1 or 2 models and it picks one based on your graphics settings. For those abilities spell effect level has no effect just like it doesn’t make Arcane Missiles more impressive.

  22. Pazx deathKnight says:

    does the spell effect level? work for boss spells ?

  23. unlockwall says:

    /console? colorblindshader dont work

  24. Ebiiiw says:

    go kill? yourself troll

    tell me hows thats hacking

  25. marko petrovic says:

    xD 60fps when you look at ground :D:D:D go in 25man and show as your fps on max?

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