ENHANCEMENT SHAMAN OP!!! (New BG, Patch 5.3, PVP) – Naethix – World of Warcraft PTR [HD]

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23 Responses to ENHANCEMENT SHAMAN OP!!! (New BG, Patch 5.3, PVP) – Naethix – World of Warcraft PTR [HD]

  1. ?????? ??????? says:


  2. ?????? ??????? says:


  3. CriticalGamingWoW says:

    very nice video dude! check out our? channel guys ;)

  4. Ryan Leary says:

    I know it’s Two Door Cinema Club, but what’s the name of the remix? ?

  5. core36 says:

    there is a? build in “color on nameplate” function.

  6. charilkon says:

    Beat an enh shammy with CC guys… They are FAR from OP….? Just CC their shit in. I play enh shammy and I’m telling you that it’s easy to face roll a shaman

  7. charilkon says:

    Shamans are ONLY OP on 1 on 1… Put more than one person? on us and we are fucked…. Trust me… And we only have three things to deal with CC and that includes trinket. We aren’t that OP.

  8. facemasker1996 says:

    Says the guy who? can’t spell “Your”.

  9. Ac3raGaming says:

    @ lavorin ljubic? I really didn’t understood your comment. Man, your english sucks.

  10. Peteru Avertis says:

    Disregard that.. played it again,? you had just transmog’ed your sword to an axe. Dayum.

    And yeah, ele and enhancement shamans are pretty freaking OP on the damage.

  11. badass12356 says:

    That’s really cute? did your big brother help you with that reply ?

  12. Zentro705 says:

    Using the class? colors options to identify the real mage can easily be seen as using? hud options to gain a big advantage against that spell, among others. Probably why a lot of people don’t use it. And also the hunter or shaman class color may sometimes be confused with a friendly nameplate for players that play with both types on, like me.

  13. László Suszter says:

    Hey everyone! Check out?? my elemental shaman pvp video: /watch?v=7GfuEHPRLJ8
    Thank you. :)?

  14. davorin ljubic says:

    ur limited intelligence wouldn’t understant my reply as u? didn’t understood this post so will not try to explain to u anything

  15. rohitkiss3 says:

    @olwyxxd i agree one of my top 10 BUT! if your bored? check this good time waster! >> bit.ly/151wXhC?=qlmvu

  16. ????? ??????? says:

    ??????? ?????? ??????? ????? ?????? ? ??? ??? ??????!!! ?? ??? ?????? ??????????? ???????!!! Dessower WoW!!! ??? ????: dessower ru

  17. Naethix says:

    Zenit – Lost Woods Hardstyle (Zelda)? :)

  18. Perfexyr urban says:

    what hardstyle song? between 00:16 – 00:26? :)

  19. Marcus Ganick says:

    where did u get taht? mount?

  20. badass12356 says:

    Quick bitch? about everything.

  21. IspeakThaTruth187 says:

    Guessing u didn’t have any pvp gear. If I ran across u with my Shammy I would rip u apart like that too but that’s because your gear must not be good. It’s not like that when? u start gettin pvp resilience and power. Make sure u use pvp power and resilience gems too

  22. IspeakThaTruth187 says:

    That was your first? honorable kill so i’m guessing u I’d

  23. davorin ljubic says:

    yup…as i said they? r very squishy…didn’t mean to ofend you but you also have to admit that when u have class colors on you can see mage as blue nameplate while mirror images are red as regular mob. Btw i’m using tidy plates-threat plates cause i was tank for 5 yrs and used them on regular basis. Since MoP i’m only pvping but i still use TPTP

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