EFMS – History of World of Warcraft

Danny journeys to Azeroth to see what's kept gamers coming back to World of Warcraft. Contact/heckle Danny directly on Twitter – http://twitter.com/dannyodwy…

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25 Responses to EFMS – History of World of Warcraft

  1. Lord of Death Gaming says:

    Dam you!you make me want to play a mmo but? i cant do to lack of a graphics card:(

  2. ArcadianBluGamer03 says:

    the last? part with the baby i have surround sound so its freaking creepy.

  3. gunguy100 says:

    I can never watch Leeroy Jenkins without mouthing? the words

  4. Frazz Mc says:

    If your going to try WoW, I highly reccomend purchasing the Battle Chest, do not be put off by the trial, as the trial has so many restrictions. WoW is a game? that takes alot of time and dedication, I hated the starter account too, but look at me now, 2 years later. So even if you hate the trial because it’s boring, remember you can buy WoW, and get dungeons, raids, scenarios, battlegrounds, arenas, events, whispers, mail, and a never-ending game that you can do so much in. WoW, perfect game.

  5. Frazz Mc says:

    I tried lots of other mmorpgs, but none of them seemed like WoW. When I play a new mmorpg, I can’t get used to it, I don’t know if theres dungeon finder, what the map is like, what the level cap is, if theres mounts, proffesions, I don’t even know how to get around, and don’t know the world. WoW is the best game ever existing of all time, and 10 years later, it still remains the best mmorpg of all time. I far prefer it to? any of the “latest games” such as shooters etc. WoW is the best game ever.

  6. Frazz Mc says:

    When I started WoW, I had no clue what to do. It was my first mmorpg ever. Now I’ve played it for 2 years and it’s all different. The talents are different and now I’m involved with the game. Guild and events etc. WoW isn’t just a game you play in your spare time, it is one of the biggest games in the world. I played the Alliance for about a year, and the horde for around 6 months? but now I’m back. I own a guild called “Preservers of Serenity”, and I cannot wait for the next expansion! =D

  7. ReGrazZz says:

    You? forgot to talk about Zyzz

  8. John Linder says:

    I have 4 90’s and still love the game. On to year seven and still kicking. BTW I really enjoyed your review, I thought it was spot on and very informative for? people that have never been immersed in WoW. GJ

  9. yucon man says:

    To mystical? for me

  10. r055g0rry11 says:

    0:40 oh look you turned into ea for a moment

  11. hireman2000 says:

    Yep geting back to good old? WOW

  12. hireman2000 says:

    Guild wars 2World of Warcraft
    My GW2 account got hacked? :(

  13. authentic1369 says:

    Alchemy (Crack) and Tailoring(Taylor Swift)? xD

  14. ThatGothGamer Daven says:

    Lmfao that’s how? I feel

  15. SpiritsofNatureWoW says:

    I love your? accent soooooo much!

  16. Kloborgg says:

    But you said you played til 80, so what does raid size have to with that? You already “suffered” through 2? xpacs. Your memory of 40mans is admirable, but less than 1% of the population ever saw them and for most people they were giant clusterfucks of lag and undergeared idiots.

    “The raid started … thanks to the guild leader and everyone had to be ready 15 minutes before the raid … You had to have? all your mats and know the strategy on each boss”
    That STILL happens. How did 25m change that?

  17. ace942 says:

    Actually I experienced endgame since Vanilla WoW. I can still remember when raids were 40 man at level? 60 and the guild was I was in at the time was very strict. The raid started onetime each time thanks to the guild leader and everyone had to be ready 15 minutes before the raid start time. You had to have all your mats and know the strategy on each boss. It was fun and something I missed when they reduced the raid max size to 25 when at 70.

  18. Kloborgg says:

    So.. you stopped because you didn’t like the number 5? Uh, no offense, but you? have no ground to judge whether or not Cataclysm “destroyed” anything, since you never experienced it. Frankly, you have no grounds to judge anything about the game, since you never experienced any endgame.

  19. Eric Lee says:

    Subscription numbers dropped; however there are still tons of people who play? it :).

  20. ace942 says:

    I played up until level 80. Releasing an expansion with only a gain of 5 levels felt like a rip off so I stopped playing. I rather keep my memory of the world as? it was before they destroyed to destroy everything.

  21. cameron schaeffer says:

    Will never forget Aubderline..oh shush autocorrect you know? what I mean..

  22. EyesColdAsIce says:

    WoW is my favorite game of all time but I quit in the summer? of 2007 when I feel the game became stale. I now play Rift and love it. WoW will always be #1 in my book but it is so old and dated at this point. In a couple years I’ll play another MMO that is better than Rift and be okay with that just like I accepted the fact that Rift was better than WoW even though WoW will always have a special place in my gaming heart.

  23. Iron Amethyst A70 says:

    Video is extremely misleading to most of what WoW is about and? what’s happening in it currently. Granted the videos 2012 release date, the sub base is still going strong at 10m+ and so far MoP has been the best content related expansion.

  24. Nicholas Rosberg says:

    best part;)?

  25. Nicholas Rosberg says:

    This guys was just a kid when World? Of Warcraft came out ^^

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