DLO DLA2202D Car Charger for Zune

Product Description
This smart charger delivers more power to charge even faster. The 3-stage light shows
charging status at a glance. With coiled cable for easy access and less cable clutter, plus
replaceable safety fuse to protect against electrical surges.

Delivers more power
Don't sit around waiting for your device to charge! The higher power output of this charger ensures your device is fully charged in a shorter amount of time compared to standard, less powerful chargers.

Intelligent status light
The 3-stage light glows to indicate charging status at a glance: White or Red = Plugged in, Yellow = Charging, Green = Fully Charged.

Replaceable safety fuse
The car charger features a replaceable safey fuse which protects your device against electrical surges in your car.

Power on the road
? Charge from a car's 12V outlet
? Coiled cable for easy access and less clutter
? Replaceable safety fuse protects against electrical surges

Confirm operation at a glance
? Intelligent status light shows charging at a glance

Fast charging
? Delivers more power for a faster charge

Zune Compatibility
?Compatible with: Zune 30GB, Zune 4/8GB, Zune 4/8/16GB, Zune 80/120GB, Zune 80GB, Zune 120GB, Zune HD

This is an Open Box like new condition product

DLO DLA2202D Car Charger for Zune

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