Chris Kluwe Is A Huge World Of Warcraft Nerd

The only time Chris has ever played the “I'm in the NFL” card was trying to get into a rated guild. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the o…

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25 Responses to Chris Kluwe Is A Huge World Of Warcraft Nerd

  1. GekoHayate says:

    Chris Kluwe is my? hero with that statement.

  2. tehsprite says:

    Being British I don’t watch American football, or know anything about it, but this guy seems completely awesome. Changed my perception? of them somewhat.

  3. BraxiusMaximus says:

    Hope he makes the Raiders lord knows they need all the help they can get!?

  4. 2Ensta says:

    Wow this guy is so cool i want? to be friends with him!

  5. xpirate16 says:

    At first I was like “what? a nerdy smart NFL player? somthings not right…” then I figured it out,? he’s a punter. Clearly the smartest person the team and usually weird to boot, I’m from Indy we have Pat “jump in the canal drunk” Mcafee, and i wouldn’t have it any other way! :D

  6. alexdoodlebug07 says:

    looks? a bit like cavani

  7. Ben H. says:

    He’s also a damn good punter, one of? the best Minnesota ever had.

  8. NickAbad7 says:

    I wonder if he plays other games? like DOTA, or LoL or console games

  9. NickAbad7 says:

    Lol Chris? Kluwe is living the life

  10. Khalid Hamadah says:

    you lucky bastard? xD

  11. Dajman1594 says:

    Somebody failing at being a smartass never gets old.?

  12. Twgist says:

    Yes, I knew I had seen that somewhere, thanks? for not letting it drive me crazy.

  13. Stephen Fortin says:

    It’s? actually empathy*

  14. dandoro86 says:

    nope, sympathy is the act of feeling sorry or pity for someone and empathy is actually knowing how another? person feels, aka putting yourself in their shoes if you will.

  15. Tylurable says:

    both top comments same person

  16. Martin Eriksson says:

    Chris is the fucking master lord of the universe. He is the embodiment of the word : Awesome. You go? my man, you go.

  17. videofabriken says:

    It’s actually? sympathy*

  18. alec george says:

    I wish he wouldn’t play WoW though, GW2 is so much? better

  19. john willams says:

    Fag? lover!

  20. saskewoo says:

    wow, he’s? really awesome!

  21. Mido the Great says:

    He’s wearing James Franco’s? shirt from pineapple express

  22. Luuundii says:

    Wow, he’s great?

  23. Ian Hollier says:

    This? guy is so awesome

  24. khorneboy888 says:

    Oh loate?

  25. ATWA1337357 says:

    he’s such a dork. <3? it!

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