Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Unboxing and Quick Review (Product Red)

Full Review of iPod Touch 5th Gen Here: Today I unbox and look …

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25 Responses to Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Unboxing and Quick Review (Product Red)

  1. alex warr townley says:

    My granch got 1 today ?????

  2. Korinne Angela Arcangel says:

    really?? im hapy for u

  3. Meghan Kelly says:

    I’m? getting a blue one tomorrow

  4. angelica serrano says:

    I got that one the? pink one yesterday!!!!!

  5. dragonace101 says:

    what is the best looking? colour?

  6. SushiiiNoodles says:

    The black is dark,sleek,elegant,and sexy.
    The red is colorful and bright,and when you buy one,your? money goes to help kids in Africa from the AIDS disease.

    The red does support a good cause,but I prefer the black.

  7. StarringYuki says:

    O? I GOT IT ;D

  8. StarringYuki says:

    my friends have a pink one and green one I like this one? :)

  9. StarringYuki says:

    I might be getting? it today :D

  10. Testify087 says:

    I’m watching this on? my iPhone 5 :D

  11. johncenafan1011 says:

    I’m getting the red one? tomorrow

  12. hittyhitmon says:

    I’m getting a? yellow one

  13. gabriel69778 says:

    it sucks if you get it a little wet and? i mean little itll die and you won’t be able to revive it

  14. Sam Pomfret says:

    I’m? getting that fore my birthday it looks amazing! XD

  15. Iwan Davies says:

    red cause help kids in? affrica

  16. ReviewDoctor1 says:

    Nice Vid! Also check out my channel, I? just started posting videos! :)

  17. Jack Ganzel says:

    Love? it

  18. Megan Hofer says:

    I think I’m going to get the red one. That way I can help? aids in Africa.

  19. RAMOS2K8 says:

    Get the black one? I have it

  20. StarringYuki says:

    getting one in 4? weeks ffs

  21. Niko Machado says:

    I am not sure if i want black or red does anyone you have a? suggestion

  22. kacey lebrun says:

    I meant the Nano? one

  23. BuffordZani says:

    can’t wait? to get one next week :)))

  24. kacey lebrun says:

    On my birthday May 22 I’m getting a blue one!?

  25. kacey lebrun says:

    I’m getting a blue one of this at my birthday this month! :D 19 days left oh iTouch I’m sooo coming for you!! And I have never had an iTouch before. I mean I know really how to use it but I never had an iTouch before. Just a Product Red iPod 4th gen.?

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