Apple I-Pod Classic (5G) VS. Microsoft Zune HD

This is my Video SMACKDOWN of the Apple I-Pod Classic 5th Generation VS. The Microsoft ZUNE HD!

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20 Responses to Apple I-Pod Classic (5G) VS. Microsoft Zune HD

  1. Axack Da'Baller says:

    I don’t get it, your comparing a mass-storage media player focused simply on storing massive amounts of data, and a touch screen? multimedia player with web browsing, app support (limited, unless your in the XNA environment) and large screen for HD video. They both have their purpose, and they don’t mingle. My iPod Classic is my Music library back-up, my Zune HD is my PMP for workouts (its kinda old, so I’m not as worried about it getting beat up) and my iPod touch rides the front lines with me.

  2. Partha Dey says:

    This is really unfair for the iPod, the 5th gen was launched in? 2005 and the Zune came out in 2009.

  3. UltraKryptonian says:

    You need to be decisive in stating your observations or opinions! I quit watching, because you weren’t stating “product A” has a better screen than “product B” because of this reason. Also, you say “its bland”, then “its cool”! Which one is it?? Those comments are totally opposite of one another! Then you say, “they lack physical buttons, except for these buttons here”. That deserved a facepalm. Anyway, try rehearsing next time!

  4. ceematt says:

    I have that same table! Weird…?

  5. SuperLuigiNaiem says:

    iPod I have the? 5.5 gen

  6. Chris Qualls says:

    this guy has no can change the bitrate? in the zune software.the zune hd also has a equalizer…..noob

  7. iplayonsony says:

    i dont own any of these but i dont? know why people like the i-pod

  8. konradn17 says:

    those are made for music noc pictures:p wtf??

  9. Oberst543 says:

    Do you have a link for the case you got? I am trying to find a? good one, thank you!

  10. JonnyBoy448 says:

    Can you still? buy Zune HD’s?

  11. Jeffy Mogollon says:

    Oh ok just making sure… I? know I’m upset ut oh well I’ll keep my Zune till it dies then get another one.

  12. PandaCanEatYourLimbs says:

    no equalizer is on. It’s just on it’s normal settings. To me, the classic has better sound but you are right that they shouldnt of stopped making zune’s. they sold alot of them and i thought? they were really cool devices!

  13. Jeffy Mogollon says:

    What Equalizer is your Zune on, that depends on the sound quality. And the iPod has the volume limit which makes it louder, but the Zune? has better sound quality.

    I wish Microsoft didn’t stop making Zune’s they should of keeped it while doing phones.
    My Zune HD has last since the day it came out and still works,

  14. PandaCanEatYourLimbs says:

    I state right in the video that i didnt want to buy a touch and i do not have a touch. Also, i’m not comparing them in any way. I am saying what i like and dislike about each? system and which i believe is better.

  15. saba tahir says:

    Why the hell are u comparing a touch device? to an ipod classic if want to compare then do it with a ipod touch the gaming experience is much better it is thinner has a front cam and a back cam the touch is alot better and the voice quality is better there us no match of apple and micro crap apple is way better :)

  16. PandaCanEatYourLimbs says:

    well i dont believe “anyone” would agree. I, my best friend, and my parents all own an i-pod classic and i had them test out both the zune? and classic with the same headphones (beats by dr. dre) and every single person picked the classic over zune in audio quality. It might be the quality of your songs on i-tunes that make your classic not sound as good but im not sure.

  17. PandaCanEatYourLimbs says:

    in my opinions the Zune has a much better interface and apps. But the i-pod classic had a much higher frequency for bass? and overall sound quality. Dont believe me, go buy both and test it yourself.

  18. PandaCanEatYourLimbs says:

    well if i do make more in the future, i will let you guys know. for now, i cant for my computer broke last summer and i’m using a crappy computer from 1999 and? it can’t support my recording program for screen captures :(

  19. mariliamora says:

    I really miss your sony vegas tutorials. they? used to help me a lot. Will you post more?

  20. louiethesnowman says:

    these are two different styles… its like comparing a hard drive to a ssd, the ssd is faster and better, you should compare the touch and your zune,? those are the same style of player, the classic is meant for the heavy music listener, having? a big hard drive in it, not flash memory…

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