A Tribute to World of Warcraft Memorials

Link to “A Tribute to World of Warcraft Memorials – Part II” – http://youtu.be/WRYRy-C8aFg WoW, as we all know,is full of distractions, which can make it eas…

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25 Responses to A Tribute to World of Warcraft Memorials

  1. MrMedukneusha says:

    I was deeply moved by this vid. I’m not sure but i think one of the biggest and most honorable memorials isn’t even in wow. However? you can see the vid of it here on youtube. WOW FUNERAL RAID!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. alex rojas says:

    I cried? amazing. Video

  3. john griffith says:

    dammit? now im sad

  4. NAPREDATOR says:

    normally i don’t read the quests but? for the first quest chain i had to make an acception, it was so good i didn’t even know it was a tribute to someone who actually died

  5. 2crytex2 says:

    4:35 he doesnt have a tabard in wow? armory he does

  6. franggio666 says:

    ty for this vid sir,? i’m smiling now, ty

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  9. FlameofWesternesse says:

    Awesome! Ravel was an amazing composer, and I’m glad to hear that you like his? Pavane so much. :)

  10. braebrae899 says:

    thank? you so much i listen to this all time because it is so beautiful.

  11. PRoBBeYz says:

    Great video, i? cried. But the 9 people that disliked this have no heart or soul

  12. mickaelol360 says:

    Michael Martin and the? kid one make me cry…. That’s show how blizzard is wonderfull

  13. lucy Thomas says:

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  14. daniela porto says:

    gorgeous video, but made ??me very sad,? because even in our ‘world of warcraft’ people leave us, the quest Crusader always seemed sad and now know that it is a tribute to the brother of someone who struggled to survive makes me think of my brother who I love very much :'(

  15. Traxeex says:

    i love? wow <3

  16. xXJustDifferentXx says:

    the last? one <3 :*)

  17. Leo TheTank says:

    Thats beautyful I didnt know how wonderful? WoW is …

  18. Tetragrammafication says:

    I? have always wandered about these memorials

  19. FlameofWesternesse says:

    It’s Mylune’s Call, an item which can? be bought from a vendor at the Molten Front.

  20. Jimmy Rustles says:

    whats that skill he keeps using that makes nature appear??

  21. VenomAlexiz says:

    This video gave? me some strong shivers…

  22. Merse25 says:

    @ndkcsvh yeah i totally agree! BTW! im loving this game even more beware you? might get addicted -> bit.ly/16AKL26?=dtqoi

  23. AcE4YoU says:

    Rest in peace? ! … !

  24. Lebranwow says:

    anthony stark= tony stark..didnt know iron man played? WoW jk nice video though

  25. FlameofWesternesse says:

    The music is the “Pavane pour une? infante défunte” (Pavane for a Dead Princess) by Maurice Ravel. It’s performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Seiji Ozawa.

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