32GB Zune HD Platinum Review Using Beats By Dre tours

A quick Review of my 32GB Zune HD.

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11 Responses to 32GB Zune HD Platinum Review Using Beats By Dre tours

  1. jeoskyz says:

    Wash ur? back with that bar of soap

  2. Willmatic Cosby says:

    It TOTALLY sucks that Microsoft didn’t give this and the Zune 120 more of a nudge to succeed.? Zune Marketplace is WAY BETTER and not the headache that iTunes is. TRUTHFULLY…. they say? the Zune’s sound quality is WAY better than iPod’s. Aside from my gripes…. awesome review. Are the Beats Audio earphones price justified? I hear ALOT of good things about them.

  3. Steven Ben says:

    I am a big zune fan bt I am say d truth, at first zune started so string bt? now I don’t think dey can compit wit apple on MP3 players. My Zune HD got bad when I tried 2sync abt 5GB music into it all at once and there was no one that could fix it..

  4. sSTRE3TDR3EMZz94 says:

    i got my 32GB reburbished? off cowboom.com for $120

  5. XxKonan171xX says:

    bought my platinum 32gb zune hd day one it came? out it costed me $320 and now its like $350 on amazon

  6. mrpartypablo says:

    Does the online one the? beats work with the zune?

  7. Adaml3oml3 says:

    Thanks? breh.

  8. BuckeyeBlitzTV says:

    Sorry for the delay I purchased it from? Walmart.

  9. Adaml3oml3 says:

    Oh thats not bad! Every time i look on ebay or amazon they cost about 300$. Do you know where i could buy one for the price you got? yours?

  10. BuckeyeBlitzTV says:

    Umm I think it was about $189.99 at? the time…

  11. Adaml3oml3 says:

    How much did? this cost you? i’m thinking of buying one.

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